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17th June 2024 - Open today from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM

What is a prostate massage

A prostate massage was once seen as taboo in many circles but now prostate-induced orgasms are all the rage in London and beyond. Perfecting prostate stimulation via the prostate gland opens up a world of pleasure you didn't think was…

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What is a tantric massage?

Tantratives are techniques within the Neotantra practice which derive from the Hindu belief. Tantric massages aim to stimulate erectile tissue - e.g. muscle elasticity, sex / arouse, and erectile tissue - in a sex-related environment. The massage method is a…

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What is a erotic massage?

Ever wondered just exactly what an erotic massage is and how it differs from say traditional massages? Not is your chance to learn all about the erotic massage. Tell me the meaning of erotic massage? Erotic massage is a massage…

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What is a Nuru Massage

What is the meaning of Nuru? How do you know Nuruku? It's a suggestive Japanese massage technique originating in Japan's Kawasaki. The words are Japanese and mean “slippery/soft”. In short, Nuru massages are suggestive massages which were originally performed in…

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What is a Sensual Massage?

Sensual massages are massage techniques designed to increase intimacy between people and relationships and even between you and our escorts. This intimate massage is normally carried out at the home by individuals in close contact or at a hotel with…

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