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17th June 2024 - Open today from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM

What is a prostate massage

A prostate massage was once seen as taboo in many circles but now prostate-induced orgasms are all the rage in London and beyond. Perfecting prostate stimulation via the prostate gland opens up a world of pleasure you didn’t think was imaginable.

Our escorts are all experts and some of the best prostate massagers you can find in London and don’t forget the happy ending or full service that accompanies every session.

Be sure to have a read of our Escort Massage Marylebone guide to view our escorts and the various services we provide and you can find out more about everything we offer.

During your prostate massage session, your escort will insert a lubricated finger into your bottom and begin to gently massage your prostate gland. Opening a world of pleasure unmatched by anything else we offer.

The health benefits of Prostate massage therapy

Did you know that massaging the prostate gland boasts many health benefits over our other massage styles? Prostate milking as it is known can help keep your prostate health in tip-top condition as well as treat chronic prostatitis. Although prostate milking is the term for sexual pleasure it does include many health benefits and defiantly stimulates a prostate orgasm.

Prostate play and regular prostate massage are defiantly beneficial with many medically reviewed peer reviewed studies noting the fact that it can help with many health conditions and even prevent diseases. Prostate massage should not be seen as a replacement for seeing a doctor as they can check for things like prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, lower urinary tract symptoms and treating chronic prostatitis.

How do you get a prostate massage from the doctor?

The surgeon will insert one finger in the rectus to give a lubricating, hand-held massage — similar to an ocular scan. This is where the patient tries to get the prostate massaged or pressurized. This procedure itself can take little time and can be slightly discomforting. But is important to get checked.

The nerve endings on your prostate are extremely sensitive. And a talented masseuse like our escorts shouldn’t cause you any pain just orgasmic waves of pleasure and penile stimulation that you can only dream off.

How do I prepare for a prostate massage?

Hygiene is the number one requirement while we understand accidents can happen prevention is always the best cure. If you are nervous your escort will calm you down.

What are the side effects and risks of prostate massage?

Prostatic massage has some risks, however. Prostates are highly sensitive and have their pros and cons. The slightest stimulus can be extremely pleasing but can also easily become irritating to irritate someone who is stimulated too much. Prostatitis can be pronounced in prostatitis. What is ironic is too much stimulation may result in prostatitis but only a small amount may decrease prostatitis. So find a balance. Your escort will help you with this. You are in safe hands.

Can you go get a prostate massage?

Yes with our prostate massage sessions here at Naughty88 you can get an exciting prostate massage day or night. We offer prostate massage sessions on both an incall and outcall basis. This pleasurable sexual practice is defiantly becoming more popular as people see past the none existent taboo. We are open daily from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

You could perform this at home with various sex toys or a prostate massager but you will be missing out on so much more! While good for trying it out for proper stimulation we always recommend our escorts.

Can a massage therapist massage your prostate?

Yes but it takes a specialist massage therapist trained in the art of Prostate massage to perform it. All of our escorts are fully trained and know how to give you the best treatment needed. So put your trust in us and we guarantee you will have the best prostate massage London has to offer.

Prostate Massage vs other massages styles

If the prostate massage still feels a bit taboo or uncomfortable for you then why not have a look at the other massage styles that we offer from our beautiful Asian escorts. Remember you can have anal play separate from a prostate massage with our escorts.

Sensual Massage

The famous close and intimate massage technique that our clients love gives them the intimacy they desire. You can read all about our Sensual Massage Marylebone guide for more information on this massage style.

Tantric Massage

One of the most famous adult massages in the world and has been a firm favourite of our clients and men all around the world for the last 30 years. Until you have experienced Tantric massage you will never imagine the true orgasmic nature you can experience.

Have a read of our Asian Tantric Massage guide for more information on our Tantric services with our escorts.

Erotic Massage

This tried and tested adult massage is popular with everyone from beginners to regular clients alike and gives you a full-body workout that stimulates both mind and body. Defiantly one to experience at least once in your life. Have a read of our Asian Erotic Massage London guide for more information.

Lingam Massage

Want a naughty massage with your escort that focuses on just one thing your penis? That’s right a 60-minute session dedicated to your manhood. So if you are looking for something a bit different and exciting have a read of Our Lingam Massage London guide to find out what you can expect.

Nuru Massage

If you are looking for something truly premium then a Nuru massage could just be the perfect fit for you. Nuru massage incorporates the famous Nuru gel derived from seaweed (Nori) the same stuff that your sushi is wrapped in. All this makes for a non-odour, non-sticky and sliding adventure where you and your escort slide effortlessly between each other. Have a look at our London Nuru massage guide for more information about our Nuru massages.

Ready to book your Prostate massage adventure with us?

We operate both an incall and outcall service in the heart of London. And our escorts can meet you at your home or Hotel in London or you can visit them at our plush and private apartment just near Baker Street tube station in Marylebone.

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