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The Ultimate Guide To Receiving A Satisfying Lingam Massage

This discreet newsletter shows you the easiest way to give him crazy oral sexuality & make him sing your names in your sleep. Please visit our website. Almost everything that I know is about the yoni, the old Sanskrit word for penis. And you’ll be surprised to find out how to pronounce Lanam, a word that means “Wand of Light” referring to the man in question. Of course, for good women, you have most likely spent some time with lingams but you call them Penis or Dick. Historically not only were the ancient Hindus able to describe the part of a human’s thigh with words but they dedicated special kinds of massages lingams, which are quite different to what is normally performed. Our female escorts only offer penis massages and in turn male lingam massages.

Cock worship is rooted in many ancient religions

Let me tell you the history. Please do not sleep now. Worshipping is common in many religious traditions. Is it possible you want an improved sexual lifestyle? Find out how to teach an expert course on sex and relationships. The first time I witnessed Lingam worship was about 12 years ago in Indian culture. I was watching the morning ceremony in Varanasi. The Hindu priest poured milk into a massive statue of phallus that measures four meters high. This is certainly the greatest spiritual “escape” I’ve experienced! During my time as a tourist to Thailand, I saw a temple filled with sculpted wooden pillars.

Orgasm without Ejaculation

Another technique can be utilized to have someone orgasm without ejaculating. Usually, these abilities are hidden from the man, and they are perfect for massage by linguists. It will also allow sex to occur in different forms. It can be done through two means: Both methods require practice. You may find it harder to be firm. Keep nail files and keep the pressure low on the perineum. Get feedback on both methods to make sure your man feels safe. In typical lingam massages, your man doesn’t need any orgasms. As you get started, you should also massage the man a little to relax him in a comfortable manner. All of our London escorts are experts in this ancient technique and it can truly bring something amazing to your session.

How does Lingam massage work?

Like all Tantra Massage, it seeks to develop and support large amounts of sexual and emotional energy as a way of easing tension. Your escort/massage therapist combines her whole body to massage all of your skin, paying attention to the extraneous areas. She will change their touch from soft to solid, creating different sensations for clients. The different strokes used are intended for a non-predictable massage so that the client does not know the upcoming step. How can I get a massage without worrying too much or expecting anything? This brings a lot of excitement to each session with us.

What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam massages combine feelings of relaxation and relaxation to help our clients all of all ages release excess stress about relationships, self-esteem, and sexuality. Lingam massages are an excellent form of cock worship. And are a favourite here at Naughty88 with our escorts.

Lingam Massage Techniques

Let us get past anatomy to penis massage. This famous technique is a tried and tested experience of our escorts. Although our Lingam massage technique is a secret there is no doubting its pleasure along with its health and psychological benefits.

Remember to relax during the Experience

Relaxing is a big part of your Lingam Massage experience and helps you really release that sexual energy that makes it not just an ordinary massage but something exciting and heart racing.

Your escort will help you to relax and after your happy ending massage or full service you will be on cloud 9 and hopefully, you will keep coming back for more and more! Our escorts will leave you feeling amazing.

Professional lingam massage or with an escort?

You could search high and low for a fully traditional Lingam massage fully based on the same ancient powers but at the end of the day they are both going to lead to the same thing and that is you ejaculating. So would you rather ejaculate with a beautiful Asian escort who is fully nude or a random massage therapist?

Our escorts provide all the sexual benefits and sexual energy that you dream of to enhance your sexual power and even things like OWO and Deep French Kissing that defiantly help even more and promote deeper orgasms and make achieving orgasm much easier than a fully traditional Lingam massage.

The health benefits of a Lingam massage

Did you know your Lingam massage can provide you with health benefits? both physically and mentally and enhance sexual performance? Through genital muscle toning and massaging your entire body, it can help with muscle aches, decrease stress and things like premature ejaculation, and improve your sex life and own sexual power, sexual stamina and help with erectile dysfunction.

Lingam massage seeks to fulfil your sexual desires and gives you the advantage of having improved ejaculatory control in the future. Not bad for an hour-long session with our beautiful escorts right?

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Lingam Massage or another massage style?

If a Lingam massage does not feel right for you why not indulge in any of the other number or exciting massages that our escorts offer in London.

Sensual Massage

Has some similarities compared to the Lingam massage but a sensual massage is designed to be an intimate encounter that will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. Read more about our Sensual Massage London services in our guide. Or opt for a sensual lingam massage.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a full body massage that incorporates different massage techniques to bring your whole body to orgasm. Tantric Massages were founded in the 1970’s at the diamond lotus tantra lounge this massage technique has taken the world by storm, especially in London. You can even opt for a Tantric Lingam massage if that takes your fancy with our escorts/your Tantric masseuse.

Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is the act of your escort massaging the male g spot in your bottom. This opens the world to intense orgasms you didn’t even think were possible! And orgasms much more than a Lingam massage can provide even the most skilled of massage therapists or escorts.

Have a read of our Prostate massage guide and find out for yourself what makes this an exhilarating experience.

Erotic Massage

Incorporating both a sensual and erotic nature the tried and tested erotic massage is perfect for beginners and regulars alike and focuses more on the body than the penis as a Lingam massage does. You can read more about Erotic massages in our Erotic Massage London guide.

Nuru Massage

`nuru massage is a premium massage VIP experience here at Naughty88. Using a special seaweed gel derived from Nori (Yes the same ingredient in your sushi) allows for a truly unforgettable experience. Read our London Nuru Massage Guide for more information.

Booking your own Lingam massage: A Guide

Want to book your own Lingam or Tantric goddess? Fully nude and ready to give you the session of a lifetime?

We offer both an incall and outcall service in London, UK. And we are open from 10:00 Am till 03:00 AM daily.

View our selection of the hottest Chinese, Japanese and Korean escorts in our gallery and speak to our reception team on 07436649241 for more information and how to book your perfect Escort Massage London experience with us today.

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