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What is a Nuru Massage

What is the meaning of Nuru?

How do you know Nuruku? It’s a suggestive Japanese massage technique originating in Japan’s Kawasaki. The words are Japanese and mean “slippery/soft”. In short, Nuru massages are suggestive massages which were originally performed in Japan. The Massage Therapist massages the customers with full energy to create an experience of relaxation. “Nuru” means “silk” in the Japanese word. What is the reason? The massager uses Nurus massage gel for massage. The gel has no aroma and is formulated from Nori seaweed. In addition, Nuru massages appear to gain increasing popularity in the western world and especially in London.

What is a nuru massage

A Nuru massage is basically an adult massage preferably off a Japanese masseuse or escort (That we offer btw) and it has to be using the special nuru gel made to ancient Japanese standards and fit the characteristics for example non-sticky and tasteless.

A soapy massage takes this a step further and instead of using an air mattress or massage table, it takes it to the bathroom in a shower or bathtub for added pleasure and excitement.

So what’s so special about a Nuru massage?

Words cannot really describe the feeling that a Nuru massage can give you but let’s try and explain it. It’s like nothing you have ever imagined before! Why is this? The secret is in the Nuru massage gel also known as Nuru gel.


Nuru Gel

Made from Natural Nori Seaweed the same thing that sushi is made of. This makes a special liquid known as Nuru gel and boasts a non-sticky non staining odourless and tasteless gel that can be applied to both you and the escort for you to basically slide up and down each other fully nude and fully erotic! Can you tell us a traditional massage that can offer that?

What is a Soapy massage

Nuru gel could be used on a bed or even in the shower or bath this is where the world of Soapy massage comes into play and is available for our outcall clients across London. Soapy massages are perfect for something truly unique in London and our escorts/massage therapists love to offer this! Be sure to read our Escort Massage London page to find out all about our girls and services in the London area.

Nuru or regular massage?

While traditional massage can help with a lot of things like sore or tense muscles. For example a Swedish massage or Hot Stone Massage but will that give you the orgasm you so crave? Something that only an adult massage with us can achieve.

Nuru massages offer the very best in the world of adult massages and are defiantly our most supreme offering and a favourite across our massage parlours.

Will I be naked?

Yes! Both you and your escort will be fully naked what’s the point of an adult massage if not? This is what sets a Nuru massage with us apart from the traditional massages you can find across London. Just choose your favourite soapy massage girl from our gallery website and get started.

Nuru Massage compared to other massage types

What massage technique you should go for really depends on just what you would like from your session and Nuru massage is truly a VIP experience over a simple body massage.

Nuru massage is classed as a full body contact massage style which means both you and your escort will be fully naked and touching each other throughout. Explore our other massages below or get booking with your VIP Nuru massage therapist today.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage compared to Nuru massage is a completely different experience. While erotic massage uses just standard massage oil it can be a euphoric and exciting experience that stimulates the whole body and leads you closer to orgasm in your intimate parts.

Tantric Massage

Another favourite of our escorts and clients is the Tantric massage. This involves a fully naked experience that entices your whole body to orgasm. Tantric massage is popular at our escort agency for good reason it’s quite possibly the most famous and well-booked massage style that we offer.

Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage differs from Nuru massage in the way that Lingam is an ancient massage technique that focuses on one thing and that’s your private parts. Allow our beautiful escorts to give you the happy ending you crave so much! Which can give you a significant boost to your sexual health and mental health too.

Body to Body Massage

Also known as a B2B Massage is a massage type that is the default offering to our clients here at Naughty88. This intriguing massage technique allows you to step into the world of adult massage without sacrificing too much from what could be your usual traditional massage. It still gives your entire body a soothing and relaxing massage.

This massage technique aims to please all your body parts and gives you a physical connection to your chosen escort. A great beginner choice before a Nuru massage.

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage is the tried and tested of all the body techniques and is designed for maximum intimacy and pleasure. Sensual massage is great for the long winter nights that London is famous for. A perfect treat for your naked body to enjoy time and time again.

Want to book with our escorts?

Unlike your other massage parlors in London, we love to offer our escorts on both an incall and outcall basis and this includes Nuru massage. At a time and place to suit you. That’s the beauty of our Asian escort agency is that we work with you. Call us on 07436649241

Visiting our escort/massage parlor

If you are in Central London then you are close to our parlour located in the heart of Central London in Marylebone just need Baker Street tube station. You can meet your Nuru massage experts here and choose your chosen escort when you arrive or by visiting the gallery on our website.

Incall has the benefit of not having to host your escort at your home or hotel room and allows for a discreet place to enjoy your nuru massage and feel refreshed.

Enjoying Nuru massage in your hotel room

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is the big comfy bed and the fresh towels laid out each morning but what could be better than a Nuru massage in your hotel? Remember nuru gel doesn’t leave any stains or odours or mess so your hotel room will still be sparkling clean! With Naughty88 we love to offer our outcall sessions across London day or night so get in touch and see what new sensations we can give you.

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