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17th June 2024 - Open today from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM

What is a tantric massage?

Tantratives are techniques within the Neotantra practice which derive from the Hindu belief. Tantric massages aim to stimulate erectile tissue – e.g. muscle elasticity, sex / arouse, and erectile tissue – in a sex-related environment. The massage method is a spiritual one incorporating mindfulness, eye contact and breathing techniques. Tantric massages include your genitals and erogenous areas, but it is not about orgasms but for giving the maximum pleasure in a session.

What happens during a tantra/tantric massage

How the tantra massage is performed at a Massage Studio is varied greatly depending upon the facility. And our facility is world class! Massage in general uses the massage of all parts of the body including the genitals while breathing, meditation and other physical exercises or energetic work. Typical tantric techniques include one massage aimed at vulvas, leana massage and facial massage.

Tantric massage can be used with partners and can be an opportunity to introduce slower, intentional and intimate sexuality into couples’ relationships. However, our massages are fully nude and fully exciting from start to finish. And engross the whole body. You will not have greater sexual pleasure anywhere else in London.

Can I have a Tantric massage at Naughty88?

If you are in London, UK then yes our Tantric massage service runs daily to release your built-up sexual energy. Our Tantric massage is the best in the business and has our clients coming back time and time again.

Tantric massage works with us by massaging your erogenous zones and giving you the intense pleasure that your whole body can feel.

Each one of our escorts is a tantric massage expert designed to give the best tantric massage experience that London has to offer but instead of waiting for your partner orgasms or partner’s body, the focus is truly just on you although your escort will be naked. Although a little different from the sacred practice you are still receiving a Tantric massage just with you as the focus.

Can It help with your sex life?

Your Tantric Massage Session can defiantly help with your sex life in ways you didn’t know were possible. If you have taken a break from being sexually active or want to try something new a Tantric massage is a perfect fit for you. After the session, you will also be able to give a tantric massage to people you meet or your partner the choice is yours.

Receiving pleasure is defiantly something everyone should have access to and dull sex life is not ideal for anyone. Our Tantric massage sessions are open to all the men of London day or night. Our Asian escorts are waiting. Because pleasure to you is our ultimate goal.

Tantric Massage vs Other massages

Our escorts love to offer more than just a Tantric experience we offer so much more including

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage as discussed on our site and blog posts is a very popular adult massage style that we offer at Naughty88. And is famous all around the globe You don’t need to have a partner for this as our escorts are perfect for this. Explore our site and find out more about our erotic sessions.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is unlike a full body massage as it focuses on just one thing and that’s your penis. Expect a sexual experience like no other. Have a read of our Lingam massage service on our website to find out more. If you are looking for something a bit more sexual then Tantric massage is the way to go. All of our Lingam massages are performed with massage oil for your pleasure. Our massage oil is designed to reduce skin irritation.

Nuru Massage

Awaken the senses and relax with the perfect Nuru massage the way it’s meant to be performed with traditional Nuru gel. Even with a traditional Japanese escort.

What’s not to love? Pick up the sexual energy as you and your escort glide easily along with each other’s bodies on your journey into complete bliss. A truly unforgettable experience.Have a read about our What is Nuru massage blog post for more information.

Sensual Massage

This massage is designed for intimacy and just like a Tantric massage is a full-body experience from start to finish. And can have many benefits both mentally and physically and helps awaken other senses in your body and enter a true state of relaxation.

A sensual massage is usually more slow and gentle than a Tantric massage and helps promote healing and wellbeing instead of focusing on the orgasm. Perfect with some relaxing music. If you wish to know more about how sensual massage can help you have a read of our what is a sensual massage guide.

What can I get with my Tantric massage?

Unlike a traditional massage where you just receive your massage from the person giving it to you with us, you unlock a world of extras and each session comes with either a happy ending or full service with your escort/massage therapist. But if you are new to this what exactly are they?

To allow a deeper connection with your escort what’s better than sex or a handjob? This is what we offer from all of our escorts day or night. You get to choose from either full service or a happy ending. So will you be choosing tantric sex tonight? Read all about our services on our website or give us a call on 07436649241 to book your experience with our Escort Massage London girls.

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